Mobileye offers the only fleet solution supplying three innovative safety features in one system

- Pedestrian collision warning
- Forward collision warning
- Lane departure warning
- Headway monitoring and warning
All with event data recording.

Mobileye covers the widest range of dangerous driving situations than any other single solution – and for a fraction of the price. Lowering costs and adding safety to fleets worldwide.

Mobileye and leading fleet management solutions partners bring the most advanced and cost effective fleet management tools to the fleet managers’ desks worldwide. 

Using the same technology developed for BMW, Volvo, Cadillac and Buick, Mobileye continuously reinforces safe driving habits and provides timely warnings in times of danger while documenting driver behavior for training and tracking purposes. Driving with Mobileye means collision related costs drop and insurance expenses dependent on collision rates are cut, all while demonstrating a commitment to safety. Collision expenses include major losses of equipment, cargo, time and personnel.

Mobileye's solution provides: reduced collisions, lowered insurance costs, improved fuel economy and longer vehicle life.  


- An extra eye, continuously watching the road; never tired or distracted, tracking driver behavior
- Drivers are taught safer driving habits by increasing headway awareness, lane related
  position and by warning of potential collisions, such as stopped or slow-moving vehicles
- Conditions drivers for the use of brakes and turn signals
- A compact system that is easy to install, without harming the integrity of the vehicle  

Alternative safety solutions

- Demand at least two different products to achieve the same results
- Cannot supply a seamless, intelligent warning scheme, controling urgency & prioritization
- Cost at least 4 times more than a single Mobileye product  

Driver behavior improvement and cost reduction

- Mobileye's Data Recording is the most effective tool for driver safety training and coaching.
- Fleet managers can benchmark results and easily record their savings.
- Mobileye's fleet safety solutions offer custom reports and graphs supplying only the information you want.  

A Mobileye equipped fleet means

- Less downtime
- Lower repair costs
- Lower collision-related expenses
- A demonstrated commitment to safety